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Verruca Removal London

Say goodbye to your embarrassing warts. No matter the size, area or age, our Podiatrist’s clinically proven verruca removal London treatment is tailored to you and utilises the most effective techniques to eradicate your stubborn verruca. Our potent treatment plan ensures results you can trust; faster more reliably than any chemist brought solution available. Suitable for anyone.


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Verruca Removal London - Chelsea Pedicure

Do I have a verruca?

Verrucas can often be mistaken with corns because they both affect the undersides of the feet and produce similar symptoms. Here are a few distinctions our podiatrist uses to determine if it’s a verrucae or corn.

Corns are localised areas of dense, hard skin that build up as a result of continual mechanical pressure applied in a localised area, often resulting in sharp pain when walking. Our podiatrist quickly and pain-free removes these within our “Medical Pedicure” treatment.

Verrucae are similar in appearance, but are often chronic lasting and caused by virus infection. These can often be deeper with small black dots. Our podiatrist treats this viral infection in our verruca removal London​ treatment.

Wart Treatment

Our scientifically-backed verruca removal London treatment is significantly stronger & quicker than any over the counter treatment available. With our Podiatrist’s technique, the wart is fully exposed; a topical solution is applied to kill the virus & stimulate the immune system to combat the virus internally for lasting results.

Verruca removal London - Chelsea Pedicure
Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Our qualified Podiatrist is a specialist of foot & leg medicine. We ensure the highest clinical standards of hygiene & technique.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


All skin & nail issues are diagnosed and treated. Our clinical expertise will rejuvenate your feet with dramatic and lasting results.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


A gentle and attentive touch that will leave your feet feeling light & pain-free. A relaxing experience; perfect for anyone with feet.

Effective & Proven Results

What causes Warts?

Verrucae are a type of wart caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is highly transmissible via direct human contact. The virus flourishes in wet settings such as locker rooms and swimming pools. Simply walking on the same floor as an infected person may pass on the infection. Fortunately, our Verruca Removal London treatment comprehensively eliminates the virus at its core, leaving your foot looking beautiful and healthy again. 

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Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lower limb and foot.

Our Podiatrist is the professional of the pedicure; whose sole purpose is to breath life back into your sole. With specialist medical skill, technique & knowledge; all pain, discomfort and cosmetic concerns are treated and resolved

Podiatric Medical Science is the heart of our Medical Pedicure and treatments. Promising a pedicure with meticulous attention to detail for all cosmetic issues and the treatment of all medical concerns.

For our Podiatrists Treatments, including our Verruca Removal London treatment, and how they can aid your feet; click here.

Our HCPC registered Podiatrist has studied and qualified in the UK with a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree. 

Find more about what a Podiatrist learns and studies on their Podiatric medical degree here.

Our treatment method is acid based. Highly stimulating and potent acid is applied to the wart;  eradicating verruca tissue and creating a strong immune response for lasting results.

Our treatment is evidence based. 

We recommend 8 sessions every 2 weeks.

Results are visible within 2 weeks of your first treatment, with verruca tissue visibly dying off.

Yes, our Verruca Removal London treatment is suitable for all ages. 

Unsure what the issue is? Has treatment in the past been unsuccessful?

Our Podiatrist will quickly diagnose and identify any and all warts present on your feet and address each one individually.