Fungal Nail Treatment London

Discoloured and thickened nails that have only become more unpleasant and sore over time? You most likely have developed a fungal nail infection.

Although not harmful to long term health, it can lead to very unsightly permanent damage and change to the nail. Most people will develop a fungal nail infection at some point and is often the root of most foot related embarrassment.

Our Podiatrist’s fungal nail treatment London service will offer an almost instant visual transformation and relief along with a bespoke plan to treat your nail, eventually resolving the infection completely. Our fungal nail treatment London treatment is preceded by our Medical Pedicure, which primes the nail for effective fungal nail infection treatment.

Instant Diagnosis

Deep Cleaning

Bespoke Treatment

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Fungal Nail Treatment London - Chelsea Pedicure
Fungal Nail Treatment London - Chelsea Pedicure

How Does our Fungal Nail Treatment Work?

Fungal nail infections, medically known as onychomycosis, is when fungi infect beneath the toenail at the root, resulting in discolouration, brittleness and permanent thickening of the nail. It most commonly occurs on toenails, although it can grow on fingernails too. The fungal nail infection can be caught in many ways, but usually as a result of mechanical pressure/ damage and excess moisture amongst your toes creating an ideal environment for a fungal nail infection to take hold. This can arise from a lack of proper foot drying, activity or poor footwear . But also dependent on a person’s general health, those with a weakened immune system, diabetes, can be more prone to the infection.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Our qualified Podiatrist is a specialist of foot & leg medicine. Our fungal nail treatment London service ensures the highest clinical standards of hygiene & technique.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


All skin & nail issues are diagnosed and treated. Our
fungal nail treatment London expertise will eliminate your infection with dramatic and lasting results.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Our fungal nail treatment London service is conducted gently and with an attentive touch that will leave your feet feeling light & pain-free. A relaxing experience; perfect for anyone with a fungal nail infection.

Scientficaly Backed

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

The Podiatrist creates a bespoke fungal nail infection treatment plan for each patient in order to completely clear all signs of fungi from your nail.

Our fungal nail treatment London service includes the priming of the nail through the Medical Pedicure, offering instant relief, transformation and a medical treatment plan that will ensure your feet look and feel great again

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Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lower limb and foot.

Our Podiatrist is the professional of the pedicure; whose sole purpose is to breath life back into your sole. With specialist medical skill, technique & knowledge; all pain, discomfort and cosmetic concerns are treated and resolved

Podiatric Medical Science is the heart of our Medical Pedicure and treatments. Promising a pedicure with meticulous attention to detail for all cosmetic issues and the treatment of all medical concerns.

For our Podiatrists Treatments and see how they can aid your feet; click here.

Our HCPC registered Podiatrist has studied and qualified in the UK with a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree. 

Find more about what a Podiatrist learns and studies on their Podiatric medical degree here.

Our clinic maintains ‘outstanding‘ CQC standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 

  • All instruments used are sterilised within our autoclaves. 
  • Each treatment will use fresh instruments.
  • The clinic is cleaned and prepared after and before each client.

We only treat one client at a time and have a dedicated private room. We are COVID safe; our podiatrist wears a mask and is fully vaccinated.

Simple high street pedicure spas have become the norm for the UK’s go to footcare. With subpar quality control, training and hygiene. Many of us are lost for options when it comes to getting a good pedicure that looks good, feels good and most importantly lasts. 

Our Podiatrist will change the relationship you have with your feet and pedicures. With Podiatric Medical Science at the heart of our Medical Pedicure to provide a pedicure with both meticulous attention to detail for all cosmetic issues and the treatment of all medical concerns. Including extensive experience treating fungal nails. 

Your Medical Pedicure will include specialised treatment to prime your nail for the bespoke treatment plan our Podiatrist will create for you. Based on the most clinically effective treatments available, you can rely on our Podiatrist to be there each step of the way to curing your fungal nail infection.