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Toenail Reconstruction

Have you experienced trauma or an unsightly fungal infection to your nail? If so, then a toenail reconstruction treatment would be the perfect solution for you. Our expert toenail reconstruction treatment involves the careful cosmetic construction of a new nail with natural opulence to reverse the effects of broken, damaged, and lost nails.

Within the toenail reconstruction treatment, our podiatrist will use specialist clear resin to form and restore your nail back to its former glory. You can rely on our podiatrist’s expertise for transformational results and a flawless new nail, perfect for any occasion.

Rebuilds Confidence

Natrual Appearance

Stain Resistant

Long Lasting

Toenail Reconstruction - Chelsea Pedicure
Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Our qualified Podiatrist is a specialist of foot & leg medicine. Our toenail reconstruction treatment ensures the highest clinical standards of hygiene & technique.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


All skin & nail issues are diagnosed and treated. Our clinical toenail reconstruction expertise will rejuvenate your feet with dramatic and lasting results.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


A gentle and attentive touch that will leave your feet feeling light & pain-free. A relaxing toenail reconstruction experience; perfect for anyone in pain.

Transformational Results

A Brand New Nail

Following a full Medical Pedicure; the affected nails are primed for the toenail reconstruction treatment. Once prepared; a clear resin is applied & expertly sculpted by our skilled Podiatrist to mimic the nail as it once was. Your new pristine nail will be durable, natural in appearance, stain-resistant, and can be polished.
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Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lower limb and foot.

Our Podiatrist is the professional of the pedicure; whose sole purpose is to breath life back into your sole. With specialist medical skill, technique & knowledge; all pain, discomfort and cosmetic concerns are treated and resolved

Podiatric Medical Science is the heart of our Medical Pedicure and treatments. Promising a pedicure with meticulous attention to detail for all cosmetic issues and the treatment of all medical concerns.

For our Podiatrists Treatments and see how they can aid your feet; click here.

Our HCPC registered Podiatrist has studied and qualified in the UK with a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree. 

Find more about what a Podiatrist learns and studies on their Podiatric medical degree here.

Using specially developed gel and UV light our Podiatrist will recreate part or all of the damaged nail to get your nail looking looking its best again. The process is safe with no additional damage or strain to the affected nail bed.

If you have suffered trauma to one or more of your toenails, or have cracked or unsightly nails from a fungal infection or other medical condition, nail reconstruction could be the perfect solution for you.

With the use of high quality resin and expert technique, your new nail will last for up to 6 weeks.

We recommend for your nails to be cleaned and restored every 6 weeks, to prevent long term nail damage and protect from infections. This includes nails created through our reconstruction process.

Yes, our Podiatrist’s Medical Pedicure will prime your nail for the most optimal results for your Nail Reconstruction.