Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are often very painful, occasionally reoccurring and always difficult to to resolve on your own.

Our Podiatrist’s ingrown toenail treatment will identify the root of the problem both its cause and the factors that created it. Then skilfully remove the ingrown toenail for lasting pain-free results.

With our ingrown toenail treatment, each step is bespoke to your needs and a tailored long term and short term ingrown toenail treatment plan is given to remove the causes that caused theinitial ingrown toenail.

Immediate Relief


Long lasting

Pain free

Ingrown toenail treatment - Chelsea Pedicure
Ingrown toenail treatment - Chelsea Pedicure

How to treat ingrown toenail?

Our Podiatrist will initially identity if your ingrown toenail is caused by genetic factors that influence the shape of your nail, to improper nail cutting creating sharp edges or trauma.

This will inform the podiatrist how often preventative ingrown toenail treatment is required. It also provides important information in creating a bespoke ingrown toenail treatment plan and what steps are required to ensure your ingrown nail treatment is pain free, provides immediate relief and results last without risk of infection.

The ingrown toenail treatment at Chelsea Pedicure is non invasive; ideal for those looking to avoid surgery.
Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Our qualified Podiatrist offers ingrown toenail treatment to the highest clinical standards of hygiene & technique.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


All skin & nail issues are diagnosed in our ingrown toenail treatment. Our clinical expertise will rejuvenate your feet with dramatic and lasting results.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


You'll experience a gentle and attentive touch in our ingrown toenail treatment that will leave your feet feeling light & pain-free. A relaxing experience; perfect for anyone with feet.

Immediate & Lasting Results

Our Removal Technique

Pain free results come from our Podiatrist who will precisely identify the root of your ingrown toenail and remove it with delicate surgical technique. Highly specialised instruments ensure the results last and the process is pain free. You will be amazed at how quickly relief will occur.
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The Medical Pedicure will ensure you walk out pain free.

Our Podiatrist’s extensive knowledge of nail anatomy and expert technique are core to the Medical Pedicure. The root of your ingrown nail will be identified and removed; pain relief will be immediate. A bespoke management plan for a long term solution and aftercare will also be discussed.

For recurring pain, the Medical Pedicure provides up to 8 weeks of pain free relief.