50min - Treatment

Medical pedicure London

Experience the complete rejuvenation that the Medical Pedicure London treatment has to offer your feet. Providing a total foot transformation in appearance and feeling.

The Medical Pedicure London treatment is approximately 50min, and is treated by an expert Podiatrist who will comprehensively address any corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and fungal nails your feet may have.

The Medical Pedicure London treatment ensures a pristine cosmetic finish with our podiatrists expert technique in foot detailing, cuticle removal and shaping of the toe nails. The Medical Pedicure London treatment finishes with a 3 stage dead skin removal process to a perfect, pampered foot, leaving you walking on air.

Ingrown Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment

Dead Skin Removal

Muscular Pain

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure
Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure

What makes it a medical pedicure?

In contrast to a normal pedicure, our Medical Pedicure London treatment combines a clinical approach that uses specialised instruments to tackle common skin and nail conditions, such as an ingrown nail or callus, with a relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure finish. Your Medical Pedicure London procedure is conducted in the trusted hands of our qualified Podiatrist, healing any potential infections, repairing cracks and rips on the skin, and exfoliating the foot, for long-lasting beautiful results.
Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Our degree accredited Podiatrist is both professionally registered and insured. For unparalleled skill and knowledge for your feet.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


Your feet will feel as incredible as they look. Our expert Podiatrist will treat all skin & nail conditions, with lasting and pain-free results.

Medical Pedicure London - Chelsea Pedicure


A Pedicure you’ll want to talk about! We are committed to providing the highest standards of hygiene & technique every visit.

Feed Your Sole

Medical Pedicure Experience

The Medical Pedicure London treatment restores your nails natural opulence with professional nail technology that resolves all nail concerns. An expert dead skin removal process ​will then breath life back into your soles. With clinical expertise, all areas of dead skin are removed for a soft, lasting finish.
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Popular Questions


Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lower limb and foot.

Our Podiatrist is the professional of the pedicure; whose sole purpose is to breath life back into your sole. Promising a pedicure with meticulous attention to detail for all cosmetic issues. 

Podiatric Medical Science is the heart of our Medical Pedicure London treatments. With specialist  technique & knowledge; all pain, discomfort and any medical concerns will be fully addressed.

For our Podiatrists Treatments and see how they can aid your feet; click here.

Our HCPC registered Podiatrist has studied and qualified in the UK with a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree. 

Find more about what a Podiatrist learns and studies on their Podiatric medical degree here.

Our clinic maintains ‘outstanding‘ CQC standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 

  • All instruments used are sterilised within our autoclaves. 
  • Each treatment will use fresh instruments.
  • The clinic is cleaned and prepared after and before each client.


We only treat one client at a time and have a dedicated private room. We are COVID safe; our podiatrist wears a mask and is fully vaccinated.

Simple high street pedicure spas have become the norm for the UK’s go to footcare. With subpar quality control, training and hygiene. Many of us are lost for options when it comes to getting a good pedicure that looks good, feels good and most importantly lasts. 

Our Podiatrist will change the relationship you have with your feet and pedicures. With Podiatric Medical Science at the heart of our Medical Pedicure London experience, you’ll be given both meticulous attention to detail for all cosmetic issues and the treatment of all medical concerns.

The Medical Pedicure London treatment is perfect for anyone with feet!

Our Podiatrist within the Medical Pedicure London treatment will cure both;

  • Ingrown Nails for instant pain relief and long lasting results.
  • Fungal Nails with proven and reliable results. 

The Medical Pedicure identifies the cause for all discolouration and thickness Then utilizes expert nail technology and technique to treat and transform the nails  for long lasting results.

The Medical Pedicure’s protocol will leave your nails with an all natural, glistening crystal clear finish  that lasts up to 6 weeks. Without the use of polish, paint or chemicals.

Yes; please inform us via email prior to attendance so we can accommodate the extra time this may take.