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Our Signature Pedicure Follows a Redefining Protocol | The New Benchmark of Pedicure Quality 


Our Signature Treatment

London’s first pedicure to follow a redefining protocol created by our expert podiatrist. It guarantees the feet are left looking and feeling beautifully healthy.

Addressing the foot to the highest detail; Utilising:


Precision Tools

Sterile Equipment

Glass Technology Files

Organic Oils



Our Promise to you

Created & Performed by Simrit Dooa. Recognising the dire state of pedicures in the UK, A technique developed out of necessity for change in high street pedicure.

Totally Scrapping the current standard of high-street beautician pedicures.

Reforming the criteria & process required to carry out a complete pedicure.

Setting a New Benchmark with unrivaled knowledge and technique.

We Ensure nothing less than excellence in how you feet will look and feel after.


Extended Services

Catering to Home Visits, Group bookings. Tailored and personalised treatments throughout London.


Take Advantage of Our Extensive Expert Podiatry treatments to resolve all your foot issues.