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Medical Pedicure

1 Hour

Chelsea Pedicure's Signature Pedicure follows a redefining protocol created by our expert podiatrist. Addressing the foot to the highest detail; using the latest technology nails are expertly redefined and skin is surgically removed.
 Essential and Organic oils are then used to re-nourish, leaving the feet looking and feeling beautifully healthy.


         1st session                       Base

             £35                              £50

Wart Removal

20 Minutes

Using the Latest and most Effective Techniques, a management plan will be created upon your initial treatment to discuss cause, treatment and prevention. Each session a topical solution will be applied to kill of virulent cells and stimulate a strong immune response to combat the virus.  For most effective treatment up to 8 sessions is required.


          Per Session                Package x8

 £20                              £140