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“there is no SUBSTITUTE to expertise and skill”

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Medical Pedicure

£50/ 45minChelsea Pedicure's Signature Pedicure follows a redefining protocol created by our expert podiatrist. Addressing the foot to the highest detail; using the latest technology nails are expertly redefined and skin is surgically removed.
Essential and Organic oils are then used to re-nourish, leaving the feet looking and feeling beautifully healthy. (Variable Evening & Weekend Rates)


£25/Session — Using the Latest and most Effective Techniques, a management plan will be created upon your initial treatment to discuss cause, treatment and prevention. Each session a topical solution will be applied to kill of virulent cells and stimulate a strong immune response to combat the virus.  For most effective treatment up to 8 sessions is required.

Biomechanical Assessment

£ 50/30min—Persistent pain at the knee, foot or hip are reviewed in a deep dive consultation assessing mechanics of your joints to resolve and diagnose. An in-depth and personal management plan is created to fit your needs ensuring your pain is cured.


£40Precision and Technique are utilised though out as a Podiatrist with expert knowledge of nail structure carries out restorative care to renew your nails.

Nail Whitening - 

Medical Pedicure Add-onLook at those pearly white…nails! Arguably more important then white teeth are crystal clear nails. Innovative techniques used to restore a natural clarity of your nails.

Nail Reconstruction

£70/hour —Say good by to embarrassing broken, damaged and unsightly nails, a full restoration of the nail is conducted and restored with an unrivalled finish that will last for any occasion. 

Ingrown nail treatment

Medical Pedicure Add-onWalk out pain free! Our expert technique cures pain and leaves the nail looking brand new all within the first treatment! We’ll be there every step of the way in creating a long term solution.