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Warts / Verrucae


Using the Latest and most Effective Techniques, an individualised management plan will be created upon your initial treatment to discuss causes, treatment and prevention. Each session a topical solution will be applied to kill of virulent cells and stimulate a strong immune response to combat the virus. 
For most effective treatment up to 8 sessions can be required to ensure the virus is completely killed off to prevent reoccurrence.

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Fungal Nails

Within the Medical Pedicure, full diagnosis a is provided, using our podiatrists expert knolage treatment and a managment plan is created for the nail. 



Arch Pain




Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Nails are resolved with instant results seen within the first session of the medical pedicure.



Thick Damaged Nails


Discoloured Nails


Lifted Nails


Surgical Hard Skin / Callus Removal