Ingrown Nails

Immediate and Lasting Results

Walk out pain free in your first session— Our Medical Pedicure is performed by an expert Podiatrist.

The protocol that forms the Medical Pedicure will resolve your ingrown toe nails effortlessly.

During the medical pedicure, its causes will be discussed and a long and short term management plan for prevention of the issue will be formed during treatment.

With our clinical expertise you can trust us that the treatment will be performed with the upmost care and attention & sterile instruments are used throughout.


Our Medical Pedicure : The Cure to Your Ingrown Nail


Book a Medical Pedicure

Our Medical Pedicure, performed by an expert Podiatrist, will effortlessly and painlessly solve your ingrown nail in as little as a single appointment.


Pain Free & Gentle

A delicate touch is the only touch, drawing upon a wealth of specialist knowledge and skill, you’ll walk out with a smile and walking on air. We promise!


Tailored Care

Every step taken in the curing and prevention of your ingrown nail is personalised to you, no one toe nail is the same, we’ll find short and long term solutions that fit into your life.

What Our Clients Say

“After years of regular saloon pedicures never adressing my ingrown nail and causing more damage than good, I booked in for a medical pedicure and was taken through the cause and every step of the solution. In 45 minutes my pain was gone completely as if it were never there to begin with and the nails have never looked better or healthier!”